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Bleeding Edge Builds

You want to see what's the current state of development? You like to make your hands dirty?

Try our latest development builds. Every time a developer commits source code, a new build is automatically generated and published. Bleeding edge as bleeding as possible.



Would you like to write patches to the ORICO Tool or to code with the ORICO Framework?

The ORICO Javadoc files are generated together with the latest builds. Every time a developer commits changes to the source code repository.


ORICO Web Tool Demo

We automatically install the latest build of the ORICO Web Tool as a demo application. Try username: user and password: user to log in.

Please remember that this is a development build. Some things will just not work and the application can be going down any time for automatic updates.


What is this?


This is the development website of the Open Source Project

We from believe that Information Security is not a competitive issue. We therefore work on creating open Information Security Risk Management Methodologies and Tools and an Open Risk Model Repository.

Every time a developer commits changes to the source code, we compile a new version of our ORICO Web client, test the build and install it on the internet. This allows us not only to show the current state of the development process, but this also helps us to concentrate on writing code since we don't have to do these recurring tasks by hand.


Latest changes

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